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1Q15 Worldwide Small Cell Vendors










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FitBit just announced its IPO price of $20 per share. The IPO raised $732 million, valuing FitBit at $4.1 billion. The stock closed on 6/18/15 trading at $29.68 per share, a 48% increase from its IPO price. 34.5 million shares, priced between $17–$19, will be offered. This bodes well for the wearables market, which is forecasted to yield $22.80 billion by 2018. However. FitBit still has lawsuits from Jawbone but are not hindering investor evaluations.



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Cloud capital expense is outpacing total US capital expense with 75 percent of the spending dedicated for server, storage and other technologies.


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Wi-Fi and hotspots have become strategic to all carriers (fixed and mobile) as they have realized the importance of keeping traffic on their network for quality of experience and billing purposes. The market for carrier Wi-Fi gear continues to grow as carriers look to exploit these opportunities. Click for more on this topic.




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Never expected to get such a powerful group of analyst that are subject matter experts in the service provider space. ACG helped us build the business case, pricing model, market sizing and presented it to our CEO, CTO and board, which helped us get funding for a new architectural transformation. — Tier 1 SP in Europe
ACG helped us develop a new managed service/cloud service. They developed the market assessment, pricing model and customer analysis with an online ROI calculator.  — Tier 1 SP North America