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There’s a gigabit broadband battle looming and it’s NOT just between telco and cable. Cities and towns around the world are fed up with monopolies and duopolies and are looking to deploy their own “community” or “municipal” broadband networks, some even as nonprofits. Electric utilities are getting in to the battle as well. Telco and cable incumbents need to move quickly or will be left behind in the race to deliver 1 Gbps per home. 


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Like other ground-breaking innovations, VNFs will enter a phase of deeper evaluation in 2015. VNFs will receive greater scrutiny in lab evals and pilot deployments for key operator use cases. In these incrementally rigorous tests at least 3 aspects of a VNF that aren't possible to shake out in initial development and PoCs will be addressed: 1) stability under load, 2) reliable deployment at scale, and 3) visibility into faults and performance of key functions. But these are not testable in basic integration and proof of concept scenarios and will be prime indicators of readiness of individual VNFs for use in production; not all will move forward smoothly. Crucial aspects to understand: how the new platforms are progressing and whether they are ready to deliver on the improvements in elasticity and efficiency in operation they have been designed to achieve.

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Data centers today are the most active deployment sites for SDN solutions in SP infrastructures, comprising about 50% of the overall market activity currently. By 2018, SP wide area networks will start catching up with data centers as focal points for SDN, with the 3 domains of SP metro, edge and core network deployments together making up 70% of SDN deployments for SPs, and data centers comprising 30% of the overall market total.



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