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Juniper Networks Universal Edge: Scaling for the New Network







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End-user demand for anywhere and anytime access to rich media content is dramatically increasing pressure on service provider and enterprise networks. This content is bandwidth intensive for a number of reasons. It is usually delivered via unicast; video resolution is increasing faster than compression technologies; and this content is more often interactive. These changes are not limited to residential services but consistent across all wireless and enterprise domains. While bandwidth demand is growing exponentially, revenue growth is, at best, linear. Service providers are increasingly facing a situation where the profitability of providing network services could be compromised.

Juniper addresses this dilemma with its MX 3D Universal Edge router that provides an integrated and converged solution to deliver the quality of experience, service acceleration, and scalability necessary to resolve service providers’ traffic issues, while providing a platform for greater monetization. ACG Research conducted a total cost of ownership (TCO) study that compares the MX3D Universal Edge router with two competing routers for a typical edge network passing 64,000 households and a proportional number of enterprise establishments and wireless cell sites. The study finds 45% to 60% lower TCO for the Universal Edge router. This advantage is primarily a result of the higher system capacity of the MX3D as well as its higher port and slot density.


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