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Ericsson's Virtual Network System Concept Applied to Mobile Backhaul







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Controlling total cost of ownership (TCO) of access, aggregation, and edge networks used for mobile backhaul and broadband services in the face of explosive traffic growth is one of the biggest challenges facing network operators. Many technologies including SONET/SDH, TDM/PDH, Carrier Ethernet, optical, MPLS and IP have been deployed to meet rapidly evolving network requirements. Network operators’ operational and organizational makeup, however, are more static. This is due to the organizational boundaries, network hierarchy and segmentation that are the result of the sheer scale and complexity of managing and operating these networks.

Ericsson has developed the Virtual Network System concept that allows operators to manage the rapid rate of introduction of new network equipment while maintaining a stable operating environment. The Virtual Network System concept supports centralized control with more easily managed network nodes. This constitutes a Software Defined Network that can act as a single point of touch to automate network functions. It contrasts with router-based networks, which provide an extensive range of functionality but with an associated level of operational complexity, sophistication, and cost.

ACG Research has conducted a TCO analysis of the Virtual Network System concept. A representative access/aggregation/edge mobile backhaul network is used to compare the TCO of the Virtual Network System concept with a router-based network. Both networks support backhaul of TDM/PDH and IP services.


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