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MokaFive: VDI/IDV Differentiation






Solving the Online and Offline Problems of Disconnected Workers

BYOD/C is a hot trend that is being driven by Apple and the iPad as well as by CEOs and executives that want a seamless personal and enterprise experience on all devices. However, these experiences come with conditions; they must be supported by policies that address security issues and enterprise IT to identify unsupported devices.

Traditionally, IT controlled the devices within their enterprise environment. Now, employees are demanding and expecting connectivity to their devices. This reality has changed the role of IT and forced IT departments to consider how they address security for devices that they do not control. How can IT secure what needs to be secured while providing device independence for the users?

A relative new player in the market is MokaFive that offers a container secured by more than 90 policies that can be customized by image for each customer’s business; supports VDI on and offline productivity as well as provides new and disconnected workers from M&A for day-zero integration, contractor workers up and productive in 30 minutes and remote worker productivity. The solution works on PCs, Macs, bare metal and offers include data containers for iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. The solution leverages a thin client-side virtualization, and the platform is VM agnostic although VMware View for PCs and VMware Fusion for Macs are currently supported.

Value through Reselling and Partnering

Most VDI solutions up until now have been for elite large enterprise; this was primarily because of the expense and infrastructure requirements. Mokafive actually is a IDV solution or Inteligent Desktop Virtualization solution targeting small and medium businesses as well as enterprise for the disconnected worker in a variety of verticals.

MokaFive has recently decided to incorporate partnering in its model and will be recruiting partners to sell MokaFive and integrate “Golden Images’,” which sits in the data center and offers one management server for up to 10,000 clients. A management console offers policy and update management that can be easily pushed out for updates and a single point of control for additions, moves and changes. Unique remote kill reclaims licenses on applications that would have walked out the door with the user.

Partnering offers Revenue Opportunities

MokaFive is offering partnering opportunities to reseller and partners, and the company now boasts 60 organic partners. Its program offers product demos, videos that can be downloaded to sites and collateral, use cases, ROI calculators, ordering tools and co-brand e-mail blasts. Deal protection is offered through a Deal Registration program that pays up to 30 percent margins for selling Mokafive. Partners can also earn revenue through professional services sales, which can offer an additional 10 percent to a partner’s revenues depending on customers’ needs.

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