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Mobile IP Infrastructure






Mobile technology evolution is changing everyday life and how we interact in the connected society. From Marconi's 1895 radio telegraph transmissions to Martin Cooper's 1973 first handheld cellular phone call to Apple's 2007 iPhone release, the mobile industry has revolutionized communications and pace of human development. We are now experiencing 4G LTE (4th generation) of technology lifecycle evolution, which improves spectrum efficiency to unprecedented levels now reaching Shannon's limit and laws radio physics.

Today, there are 6.5B mobile connections globally, surpassing the human population. By 2016 we will see an 18 fold increase in global mobile data traffic, generating 10.8 Exabytes per month. No other industry has evolved at such pace while driving new innovations and subindustries in machine-to-machine systems, near field communications, and mobile cloud topology.

ACG Research's mobility practice is unlike any other traditional advisory service in the wireless segment. It is not confined to a specific segment, silo or geography. Success in mobile communications is not achieved in a vacuum. It is accomplished by bringing together a wide variety of technologies and partners and combining them with creativity and foresight. Ultimately, success is achieved by effectively executing on the very best ideas as they pertain to the technologies, applications and services that drive revenue growth, competitive advantage and winning strategies in the next generation of mobile communications.

Mobile operators are facing numerous and complex challenges facing mobile operators. Transformations toward the next-generation mobile technologies and its collision with IP are creating tremendous strains in both operators' technology road maps and, more importantly, their business models. As their networks become more capable, so does the threat of their disintermediation by content providers and application developers. The race to come up with the most innovative and compelling services - over the next-generation mobile network - is on. While mobile operators are in a favorable position because they own and understand the network, there is no guarantee that they will be the ultimate winner in next-generation mobility.

Intense competition in the mobile communications space means that operators must constantly innovate and deliver creative and compelling applications and services. They cannot do this while operating in a vacuum. Instead, they must have an open mind, a truly global vantage point, and demonstrate a genuine eagerness for new ideas.

Developing a strategic partnership with a customer, rather than a simple, tactical supply agreement, will be what will define the successful technology vendor of tomorrow. Tactical supply agreements are accomplished via a strong technology value proposition and a low-cost structure. Strategic partnerships, on the other hand, require greater customer engagement and a true understanding of the customer's business model. A strategic partnership is accomplished by delivering of tangible ideas that materially impact a customer's revenues and competitive positioning.

By delivering tangible ideas on next-generation mobility, ACG arms clients with the kind of market knowledge and insights that will help enhance their value proposition to customers.

ACG's mobility program will cover the applications and services that will define the next generation of mobile communications. It will speak to the very issue keeping mobile operators awake at night: the monetization of their network investments. Coverage will be global and will begin exactly where the business model for basic Internet connectivity leaves off.

Strategic Planning & GTM Services

ACG Research assists organizations with developing their strategic plans for video infrastructure adoption, identifying new business models and establishing go-to-market strategy.

These services consist of executive presentations, market landscape reviews, scenario impact modeling, organizational consensus development, vendor selection/negotiation and internal change management, updated sales and channel tool kits as well as video services pricing models.

Market Research and Monitoring Syndicated Services

These services provide an overview of the market (drivers, challenges and key players), a detailed understanding of video infrastructure technologies and solutions available, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We also examine industry best practices and case studies, including efficiency measurements.

Market Education Services

To be fully effective, companies need to test their messages and use independent third party channels for certain messages for maximum impact. ACG offers this service to clients when it agrees with the messaging. In addition to providing a trusted, independent viewpoint for clients, ACG's website and direct channel to key decision makers augments our clients' existing channels for communicating vision and products/solutions strategy.
Customized Services
Select those cuts you want and we will quote you a price to meet your unique business opportunities for your mobile initiatives.

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Mobile Multimedia Core TCO/ROI Tool: Top Tier Manufacturer of Network Equipment

Problem to solve:
Show prospects the economic advantages of an integrated multimedia core platform versus multiple platforms

ACG Research retained: Create TCO tool that compares an integrated platform with a multi-chassis solution and calculates the ROI of incremental revenue opportunities enabled by the integrated platform

Result: Equip the sales force with a TCO/ROI tool that demonstrates the economic advantages of an integrated platform versus multi-chassis solutions

What we did: Automate the design and configuration of the multimedia core network elements so that they are functions of projected network usage and build detailed TCO analysis that includes many OpEx cost components. Create incremental revenue analysis driven by variables such as the unit cost of overbilling, tiered pricing demand curve, ad insertion revenue

Value: Service differentiation and value-added service options are needed to profitably offer mobile data services. The sales force must be equipped with analytical tools that quantify the return produced by vendors' platforms.

Contact for more information about ACG's mobile infrastructure consulting or syndicated market share/forecasts services.