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Managed Services






IT departments are facing multiple challenges maintaining their infrastructure; consequently, to balance the demands of operating efficient networks with limited dollars, IT decision makers have been turning to outside firms to help manage parts of their infrastructure. Understanding the key trends, emerging markets, profitable business models, and methods for rapid service creation is imperative for managed services providers and network equipment vendors, especially if they want to capture and grow this profitable market.

ACG's Managed Services Research and go-to-market modules provide quantitative data, independent qualitative analysis and expertise to help you and your organization make key decisions about product development, pricing, market entry strategies, and competitive positioning. From basic products/services to go-to-market modules, and training ACG Research can customize products and best practices to fit your specific business needs. Design your solution - from premise to hybrid to cloud - to serve all your customers.
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Strategic Planning Services
ACG Research assists organizations with developing their strategic plans for the managed services businesses, thought leadership and adoption of managed services and robust go-to-market tactics to meet the market opportunity in your area of business. We offer proven campaign tools for service providers to meet capacity targets. Identifying business models and establishing processes and expertise are key criteria for success, and it begins with thought leadership in developing differentiated managed services practices.

ACG Research delivers executive presentations, market landscape reviews, scenario impact modeling, organizational consensus development, vendor selection/negotiation and internal change management, updated sales and channel tool kits as well as services pricing models for monetizing managed services to your customers. Vendors have a tough competitive landscape with their largest purchasers of technology (service providers, carriers and telcos); therefore, it is imperative that you arm your targets with more than products. Help them sell their services based on your technology.

Market Research Services
These services provide an overview of the market (drivers, challenges and key players), a detailed understanding of managed services technologies and solutions available, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We also examine industry best practices and case studies, including efficiency measurements.

Training Services
We offer one-day workshop on managed services and business practices to enhance your ability to share thought leadership. This workshop can be extended as an educational series or a one topic presentation to strategically enhance your relationships with your internal teams, service provider teams or VARs and system integrators. Package options can include the following topics based on your requirements.

Customized Services
Select those cuts you want and we will quote you a price to meet your unique business opportunities for your managed services initiatives.

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Vendor Top Service Provider: Market Opportunity, Strategic Project

Case: Battling over 2nd or 3rd position in a market requires differentiation and  understanding your gaps.  To win your competitive battle,  compete hire a vendor-neutral research firm to determine gaps and areas of focus.

Client: Top-Tier Manufacturer of Network Equipment

Problem to solve: To penetrate the managed service market the vendor needed to understand success factors and areas of concern for selling products and services in this market.

ACG Research's services: Survey top service providers to understand share of wallet, total spend and penetration strength and opportunities.

Results: Our research resulted in strategies for a several year plan to promote differentiation for service providers investing in this vendors.

What we did: Conducted surveys of every account manager, analyzed results, and delivered strategic recommendations for improvement. Identified priority of penetration, spend, share of wallet in top strategic accounts. Targeted opportunities and success factors for the vendor’s 2011 plans. Designed go-to-market strategies leverage to the service provider investments and eliminate gaps.

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