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Evolved Packet Core






Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is the IP-based core network defined by 3GPP in release 8 (Q1 2009), for use by LTE and other access technologies. EPC provides mobile core functionality that, in previous mobile generations (2G, 3G), has been realized through two separate sub-domains: circuit-switched (CS) for voice and packet-switched (PS) for data. The goal of EPC is to provide a simplified, all-IP core network architecture to efficiently provide advanced real-time and media-rich services, with enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE).

EPC radically changes key networking paradigms from previous generations of mobile core networks. The introduction of the EPC and all-IP network architecture in the mobile network has profound implications on the following:
Mobile services, as all voice, data and video communications are built on the IP protocol

Interworking of the new mobile architecture with previous mobile generations (2G/3G)

Scalability required by each of the core elements to address dynamic and dramatic increases in the number of direct connections, bandwidth, and handset/device mobility

Reliability and availability delivered by each element to ensure service continuity

EPC is defined in 3GPP release 8 as consisting of the following sub-components:
     *Serving Gateway (SGW)
     *Packet Data Network (PDN) Gateway (PGW)
     *Mobility Management Entity (MME)
     *Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

ACG Research provides business and technology analysis, worldwide and regional forecasts, market share, and vendor based research quarterly on EPC segment. The service includes analysis of global LTE EPC mobile network deployments, quarterly highlights and trends, as well as comparison of Mobile Packet Core (MPC) segment as the technology shift from 3G to 4G occurs globally and regionally.

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Strategic Planning & GTM Services

ACG Research assists organizations with developing their strategic plans for evolved packet core, identifying new business models and establishing go-to-market strategy.

These services consist of executive presentations, market landscape reviews, scenario impact modeling, organizational consensus development, vendor selection/negotiation and internal change management, updated sales and channel tool kits as well as video services pricing models.

Market Research and Monitoring Syndicated Services

These services provide an overview of the market (drivers, challenges and key players), a detailed understanding of evolved packet coretechnologies and solutions available, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We also examine industry best practices and case studies, including efficiency measurements.

Market Education Services

To be fully effective, companies need to test their messages and use independent third-party channels for certain messages for maximum impact. ACG offers this service to clients when it agrees with the messaging. In addition to providing a trusted, independent viewpoint for clients, ACG's website and direct channel to key decision makers augments our clients' existing channels for communicating vision and products/solutions strategy.

Customized Services

Select those cuts you want and we will quote you a price to meet your unique business opportunities for your evolved packet core initiatives.

*Sales demo for your sales tool kit
*Sales and channel assessment and recommendation
*Go-to-market strategy and execution
*Benchmarking against your competition

These customized options can be added to your sales tool kit. We design use cases and demos from surveying your sales force, your channel and your target customers and through market segment analysis.

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Mobile Multimedia Core TCO/ROI Tool: Top Tier Manufacturer of Network Equipment

Problem to solve:
Show prospects the economic advantages of an integrated multimedia core platform versus multiple platforms

ACG Research retained: Create TCO tool that compares an integrated platform with a multi-chassis solution and calculates the ROI of incremental revenue opportunities enabled by the integrated platform

Result: Equip the sales force with a TCO/ROI tool that demonstrates the economic advantages of an integrated platform versus multi-chassis solutions

What we did: Automate the design and configuration of the multimedia core network elements so that they are functions of projected network usage and build detailed TCO analysis that includes many OpEx cost components. Create incremental revenue analysis driven by variables such as the unit cost of overbilling, tiered pricing demand curve, ad insertion revenue

Value: Service differentiation and value-added service options are needed to profitably offer mobile data services. The sales force must be equipped with analytical tools that quantify the return produced by vendors' platforms.

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