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Carrier Infrastructure






Operators are dealing with multiple platform and network issues: growing penetration of fiber-to-the-home broadband access, carriers' development of next-generation networks, and fixed-mobile convergence - to name just a few. Simultaneously, they also must deal with the additional challenge of reducing costs, increasing ARPU, and reducing churn. To meet these challenges, operators are turning to carriers to develop faster, smarter, and more efficient networks.

Rapidly changing and dynamic operating environments are driving operators to take a hard look at how they do business and adapt their business models, operations, networks, and relationships to meet these changes. As core networks migrate toward IP/MPLS, Evolved Packed Core and more voice and value-added services are delivered on these networks, operators need timely information, unbiased competitive intelligence, and sound analysis before they can make strategic business and infrastructure decisions about their networks.

In some cases service providers are now competing with incumbent carriers for high-speed data services customers. Most new SPs have limited access networks and are using incumbent carriers' infrastructures, making it difficult for new carriers to ensure the quality of their service end-to-end across the entire network because the traffic is traveling on another carrier's access segment.

Service providers are demanding access equipment that will address QoS, diagnostics, performance monitoring and end-to-end service. Those innovative vendors that can develop equipment and products that meet these requirements as well as address consumers' requirements for service quality, reliability, high-availability, and compatibility will lead the pack in capturing market and revenue share.

ACG provides an unbiased analysis of the carrier infrastructure market and the opportunities and challenges facing network service providers. We compare technology solutions of major network equipment providers as well as assess the issues related to network convergence, equipment opportunities, and technology directions to provide insight on next-gen infrastructure.

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ACG's carrier infrastructure service monitors and analyzes companies, technologies, and strategies for hardware, OSS/BSS software, platforms, emerging technologies and transformation strategies for network operators. Our service includes wireless, wire line, cable and ISPs. Coverage includes Switches, Routers, Gateways, SIP and Mobile Broadband, Ethernet, IMS/SDP Architecture, Billing and Revenue Management, Provisioning, Fulfillment and Assurance, Network Management, Operations Support, Customer Experience, Predictive Analytics, and Managed Services.

Switching/Routing focuses on switching and routing technologies/products used by both enterprise and network service providers at the core of the carrier network to provide backbone services. Technologies covered include IP routing systems, traditional and next-generation ATM, and MPLS based systems. Evolved Packet Core covers next-generation platforms that utilize EPC all-IP, end-to-end architecture for supporting mobile access networks, as well as key drivers for UMTS, RAN, E-UTRAN (LTE long-term evolution of 3G) infrastructure and analysis addressing the key vendor benefits and carrier business models for successful revenue enablement programs.

Market Research Services
These services provide an overview of the market (drivers, challenges and key players), a detailed understanding of managed services technologies and solutions available, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We also examine industry best practices and case studies, including efficiency measurements.

Training Services
We offer one-day workshop on managed services and business practices to enhance your ability to share thought leadership. This workshop can be extended as an educational series or a one topic presentation to strategically enhance your relationships with your internal teams, service provider teams or VARs and system integrators. Package options can include the following topics based on your requirements.

Customized Services
Select those cuts you want and we will quote you a price to meet your unique business opportunities for your managed services initiatives.

Contact for more information about ACG's router and switching consulting or syndicated market share/forecasts services.

TCO Tool for Core Router

Case: To penetrate the core router market by demonstrating the TCO savings gained through transition to the vendor’s router.

Client: Router Vendor

Problem to solve: To penetrate the core router market by demonstrating the TCO savings gained through transition to the vendor’s router.

ACG Research Retained: Develop a TCO tool used in consultative sales environment that compares the vendor’s core routing solution to those of the two leading vendors.

Result: TCO tool and whitepaper that demonstrates 47% to 53% lower TCO over five years by capping the incumbent router and off-loading traffic to the vendor’s router.

What we did: Created modeling tool that compares TCO of incumbent versus vendor for Cap and Grow and Greenfield capacity expansion scenarios for up to 50 core nodes; Forecast traffic growth using highly realistic and detailed traffic models for residential broadband, enterprise, mobile and wholesale services markets; Engineer traffic capacity requirements using Dijkstra shortest path first routing algorithm for 3 possible protection schemes; Configure automatically each router down to individual ports and line cards; Model OpEx for nine separate cost elements

Contact for more information about ACG's router and switching consulting or syndicated market share/forecasts services.


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