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David Dines, Principal Analyst


With 25+ years in the telecom industry David Dines brings a wealth of practical experience as well as thought-provoking insights to ACG Research's Consumer Video Infrastructure service (CI). His CVI research and analysis focus on network access devices, set top boxes and next-generation video technologies and business models, such as IPTV and over-the-top video.

His broad and considerable experience as a networking and telecommunications analyst includes working for The Aberdeen Group and other highly respected firms, covering streaming media since it was first introduced to the market. He has also held executive roles at VoIP, Internet and call center companies and has provided marketing and management advice to a variety of companies.  Mr. Dines' approach is to combine current macro trends, historical data and industry knowledge to forecast industry developments early in the life cycle. He correctly foresaw the rapid adoption of social networking technology by enterprises approximately two years prior to the explosion of the popularity of these sites. 

David holds a Masters degree from Harvard University, Massachusetts, and a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University, New York.

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